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Medical treatments for acne help residents of the Fremont area avoid scarring

Acne is thought of by many as a natural part of the teen years, a sort of rite of passage into adulthood. Most of us experience some degree of acne in our youth, but millions of adults continually struggle to control acne. The team at the Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery understands the impact acne can have on any individual. We work with patients to restore healthy skin and confidence, no matter their age.

Acne explained

A common misconception about acne is that sufferers are partly responsible for their condition. Although it is thought that acne is caused by lack of hygiene and poor eating habits, the true trigger of breakouts is hormonal fluctuations. When hormones are imbalanced, the production of waxy sebum increases. In balance, these substances actually have a protective quality; however, too much sebum clogs pores, trapping dead cells and bacteria inside.

Bacteria are naturally present on skin. These microorganisms can rapidly multiply within clogged pores and surrounding hair follicles, leading to irritation, pimples, and full-blown cystic acne, in some.

The concern of scarring

Acne breakouts themselves are only part of what concerns dermatologists and their patients. Though not every person affected by acne will develop scarring, this is a danger we try to prevent. Acne that is able to drain through an open pore is called non-inflammatory, and it does not typically carry the risk of scarring as long as pimples and blackheads are not popped or picked.

There is another type of acne, however, inflammatory acne, in which sebum and bacteria may seep through a ruptured follicle into surrounding tissue, causing either temporary or permanent discoloration or pits in the skin.

Medical treatments are designed for the prevention of acne scarring

We seek to achieve two goals when we treat patients with persistent acne. One is to clear existing breakouts and the other is to prevent the development of acne scars.

For some people with mild acne, breakouts may sufficiently clear with proper cleaning and an over-the-counter medication that allows pores to open and bacteria to exit before the walls of the follicle can be damaged. The problem with over-the-counter acne treatments is that they will have a different effect on each person. Some may find resolution of acne where others will experience further irritation.

The risk of scarring increases when acne does not respond to home treatments or becomes inflammatory in nature. Our experienced dermatology team offers a number of options for the safe and effective treatment of acne. Prescription strength topical creams may be suggested, alone or in addition to oral antibiotics if necessary. We may also recommend in-office treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion to clear the skin and remove dead skin cells.

There are better options than drugstore treatments for your acne. Contact us in Fremont or Milpitas for your personal consultation.

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