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“My Botox looks great. I look refreshed and happy and it shows! Dr. Dhawan and his staff were very helpful throughout the procedure. I look forward to my next treatment.”


« Correct your acne scars today!Center for Dermatology leverages expertise from over 50 years to treat acne and prevent scars. »

Get rid of your acne scars with a profractional laser treatment today!

08/15/14 | by Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery | Categories: Laser Dermatology

The Center for Dermatology leverages over 50 years of experience treating acne and unwanted scars that can remain after your acne has cleared. Patients who want to address mild acne scarring may speak to their dermatologist about microdermabrasion and chemical peels. These treatments are often used to reduce the appearance of mild acne scars after active acne has been controlled. Deeper scars can be smoothed out with dermal fillers, excision, subcision, dermal grafting, and laser resurfacing. We offer the next generation in filling in those unwanted acne scars with profractional laser treatments. With only a few days downtime, we can help you look as great as you feel.
Visit our homepage and look under acne for more details:

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