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“My Botox looks great. I look refreshed and happy and it shows! Dr. Dhawan and his staff were very helpful throughout the procedure. I look forward to my next treatment.”
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Patients in Milpitas area get acne relief with photofacial treatment

Technological advances have greatly increased physicians' abilities to treat the varying needs of their patients. An example of beneficial progress in technology is the development of photofacial treatment. The photofacial can address a range of concerns from hyperpigmentation to acne and acne scarring. Patients of our Fremont or Milpitas offices can learn more about photofacial treatment in a comprehensive consultation visit with one of our experienced, Board certified dermatologists.

The photofacial, or IPL, is sometimes referred to as a laser treatment. However, IPL is short for intense pulsed light, which is different than laser light energy. The photofacial applies multiple wavelengths of light in a way that targets deeper tissues without affecting surface skin (laser treatment delivers a single wavelength).

In studies, photofacial treatment has been shown to relieve the symptoms of existing acne and to minimize the appearance of acne scars left behind after blemishes have cleared. Depending on the severity of acne, photofacials may be used as an adjunct to other treatments such as prescription topical solutions.

This type of treatment uses heat and light to accomplish a number of beneficial goals, such as collagen stimulation. The combination also destroys P. acnes, the bacteria that cause acne. Additionally, the effect of the photofacial on sebaceous glands leads to a decrease in oil production, which minimizes clogged pores.

Photofacial treatment typically takes only a few minutes, depending on the size of the affected area. Before beginning treatment, your aesthetician may apply a numbing cream to clean skin in order to facilitate the most comfortable procedure. Protective goggles are worn over the eyes, as well. The IPL device is passed over the skin using slow strokes, allowing pulses of light to reach deep into the dermis where healing begins. As intense light is delivered to underlying tissues and cells, the surface skin may feel slightly warm.

Acne is a common problem, but one that your dermatologist takes very seriously. Our practice has been serving residents of the Bay Area for more than four decades, continually advancing as innovative new technology emerges.

We can help you get a handle on acne and other dermatological concerns. Contact us in Milpitas or Fremont for an appointment with one of our Board certified dermatologists.

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