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“My Botox looks great. I look refreshed and happy and it shows! Dr. Dhawan and his staff were very helpful throughout the procedure. I look forward to my next treatment.”
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The Centers for Disease Control, as reported in a recent study, has discovered that in any given year, 30 percent of White high-school aged females tanned in an indoor tanning bed or booth at least one time. The same study found that approximately 17 percent tanned in an indoor facility at least ten times.

The statistics for White women aged 18 to 34 are even higher, with one in four tanning at an indoor facility at least one time in the previous twelve months. In this group, more than 15 percent tanned indoors at least ten times.

What do these statistics on indoor tanning have to do with skin cancer?

After just one tanning session using UV light equipment, the risk for different types of skin cancer increases significantly. Remember, this increase is after only one indoor tanning session:

  • Squamous cell carcinoma - 67 percent
  • Basal cell carcinoma - 29 percent
  • Melanoma - 20 percent

It is frightening to realize that, each year, indoor tanning is linked to more than 170,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer in the U.S.

The message we hope you will take away from these statistics is that indoor tanning is not safe. If a tan is really necessary or desired, a far healthier alternative to indoor tanning is a self-tanning lotion or professional spray tan.

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