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Does birthmark removal require surgery in Fremont, CA?

Birthmark Removal Surgery from Fremont, CA Dermatologist

Patients in the Fremont, CA area who are seeking birthmark removal may believe that surgery is their only option. Thankfully, there are ways to address unwanted birthmarks without having to provide invasive treatment. The doctors at the Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery work closely with patients to help them determine the best possible treatment for the removal of their unwanted birthmarks.

Types of birthmarks

There are several different types of birthmarks, and knowing which type is present helps the dermatologist determine the best possible treatment. Most are classified as vascular or pigmented birthmarks, and may include salmon patches, hemangiomas, café au lait spots, and port wine stains. These all have different characteristics, so starting with a proper diagnosis is crucial.

Laser therapy

Patients can speak to the dermatologist about the best way to remove birthmarks. In many cases, laser therapy is essential. Laser treatment targets the birthmark to help in breaking up the pigmentation and reducing the appearance of the birthmark altogether. With several treatment sessions, patients can eliminate the birthmark from their body. This is especially helpful for patients who have birthmarks in highly noticeable areas such as the face, which may make them feel self-conscious about the way they look when meeting others. Self-confidence can be greatly improved with birthmark removal.

Discuss the possibilities

Many birthmarks can be removed with laser treatment. Now is the time to book a consultation appointment with our doctors to discuss the ways in which they can help. Birthmark removal may be as simple as laser therapy and not require surgical intervention. They offer two local practices including their Fremont office which can be reached at 855-717-1755 or the Milpitas office at 855-717-1756. Their facilities are conveniently located for patients in and around the communities and welcome new patients!


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