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Is it safe to have laser treatment for rosacea in Fremont, CA?

Dr. Sunil Dhawan for advanced laser treatment for rosacea in Fremont, CA.

A patient who has had rosacea will know how difficult it can be to control this stubborn skin condition. Topical remedies are only effective up to a certain degree. But, there is an effective alternative to address rosacea damage and even out the complexion. The answer lies in laser treatment for rosacea in Fremont, CA. This procedure involves the use of heat from the wavelengths of light to break apart the small red blood vessels just beneath the skin. Laser treatment for rosacea can help patients with unsightly fine red lines on their face. It is also useful for individuals … Continue reading

Smooth your wrinkles with Belotero Balance and Voluma fillers

Smooth your wrinkles with Belotero Balance and Voluma fillers at the Center for Dermatology. Fillers provide immediate rejuvenation and smoothing of unwanted wrinkles to bring out your best features. Belotero and Voluma fillers provide a smoother finish with a sugar-like ingredient that occurs naturally in your body, hyaluronic acid, but is lost with time. Turn back the clock with fillers at the Center for Dermatology today. Book your appointment now and don’t delay to look as great as you feel.

Book your Vbeam laser treatment with the Center for Dermatology today!

The Vbeam pulse dye laser is a workhorse at the Center for Dermatology. This laser is designed to specially target and treat the structures that make red and brown spots to even out your skin tone. We can treat a variety of skin conditions with the Vbeam. These skin conditions include sun spots, facial redness, and vascular birthmarks. For pigment or sun spot removal: Spots of hyperpigmentation may be caused by sun exposure, Addison’s disease, pregnancy, age, heredity, and other factors that increase the production of melanin. We tend to call most brown spots “age spots” due to the fact … Continue reading

Correct your acne scars today!

Acne may lead to significant scarring. Scars can vary in size and appearance. Some scars are shallow, while ice pick scars are deep and narrow. Patients with darker skin might notice color changes around the scars, while fair-skinned patients may develop redness. Some situations may make acne scars even worse, including picking, squeezing pimples, and sun exposure. Instead, patients should avoid manipulating their blemishes to facilitate healing and protect their skin by applying sunscreen. However, if acne scars do occur, many patients seek assistance from a dermatologist. The team at the Center For Dermatology Cosmetic And Laser Surgery has over … Continue reading

Get rid of your acne scars with a profractional laser treatment today!

The Center for Dermatology leverages over 50 years of experience treating acne and unwanted scars that can remain after your acne has cleared. Patients who want to address mild acne scarring may speak to their dermatologist about microdermabrasion and chemical peels. These treatments are often used to reduce the appearance of mild acne scars after active acne has been controlled. Deeper scars can be smoothed out with dermal fillers, excision, subcision, dermal grafting, and laser resurfacing. We offer the next generation in filling in those unwanted acne scars with profractional laser treatments. With only a few days downtime, we can … Continue reading

Center for Dermatology leverages expertise from over 50 years to treat acne and prevent scars.

The Center for Dermatology leverages expertise gained over 50 years to treat acne and prevent unwanted scarring. Acne is no longer just a problem for teenagers. We are seeing an upward trend in adult acne. We use a variety of therapies, including the latest custom topicals/oral medications in various combinations, peels, injections, extractions, etc to get you clear.One you are clear, we can design custom regimens for prevention including the right cleansers, make-up, and sunscreen that will not cause more acne in the future. We can also treat unwanted scars and discoloration from acne with creams, techniques such as dermal … Continue reading

Dr. Cabral will be publishing a revision of a plastic surgery technique to repair deep nose wounds with less operating time.

With the addition of Dr. Erik Cabral, the Center for Dermatology continues to build on 50 years of experience in Mohs and Reconstructive Surgery based on the expertise of Dr. Robert Roth and Dr. Jeffrey Carmel. Dr. Cabral has an upcoming article to be published in the prestigious journal, Dermatologic Surgey. His project found a new way to reconstruct deep nose wounds using cartilage from the ear. This method involves less operating time and better cosmetic results. Please keep on the look out for the forthcoming article: Rotunda AM, Cabral ES. Free cartilage batten graft with secondary intention to repair … Continue reading