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Book your Vbeam laser treatment with the Center for Dermatology today!

The Vbeam pulse dye laser is a workhorse at the Center for Dermatology. This laser is designed to specially target and treat the structures that make red and brown spots to even out your skin tone.

We can treat a variety of skin conditions with the Vbeam. These skin conditions include sun spots, facial redness, and vascular birthmarks.

For pigment or sun spot removal:

Spots of hyperpigmentation may be caused by sun exposure, Addison’s disease, pregnancy, age, heredity, and other factors that increase the production of melanin.

We tend to call most brown spots “age spots” due to the fact that areas of hyperpigmentation become more evident as we grow older. In fact, most of the spots that develop are seen on areas of the skin that are regularly exposed to the sun.

The team at Center For Dermatology Cosmetic And Laser Surgery offers the safe, effective treatment of pigment spots using proven laser therapy. In each session, a focused beam of light is applied to areas of pigmentation, effectively destroying the abnormal melanocytes in the skin. With several sessions of laser therapy, the melanin is gradually diminished until spots disappear, revealing healthy, beautiful skin.

For rosacea and facial redness:

There are many treatment options available. Most patients with mild to moderate rosacea may benefit from topical therapies. This can provide dramatic improvement in rosacea papules and pustules. Patients dealing with more redness and visible blood vessels may be greatly improved with new topical medication that constricts the blood vessels. For a more permanent cure, laser therapy such as the Vbeamcan be extremely effective

For vascular birthmarks:

These are caused by clusters of tiny vessels near the surface. Blood showing through the skin creates reddish or pinkish areas. Some of the most common vascular birthmarks include:

Port wine stains – These marks are usually seen on the face and tend to increase in size as a child grows. The color is similar to that of red wine; hence the name.

Hemangiomas – These usually develop after birth and may increase in size for about a year. On the surface of the skin, they form a raised, red area. Deeper hemangiomas cause a bulge in the skin and usually appear purplish in color. Most hemangiomas flatten by the time a child reaches age ten, but a mark may remain

Salmon patches – The most common type of birthmark, these are flat and may be pink, red, or salmon in color.

Please visit the Vbeam website for more detailed information and before/after photos:

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