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Consider a chemical peel for the reduction of acne and acne scarring in the Fremont area

Chemical peel for acne and acne scarring in the Fremont area doctor

For some, acne is a temporary disturbance. For others it is a chronic problem that creates ongoing emotional turmoil. When acne does not respond to over the counter treatments, there is also the risk of long term scarring. The Center for Dermatology, which has been serving residents of the Bay Area since 1965, offers a number of proven treatments to minimize the effects of acne. One way in which patients may experience a reduction in breakouts is with a customized chemical peel.

Many of our patients have discovered that chemical peels make a wonderful adjunct to acne treatment designed by one of our experienced Fremont area physicians. A chemical peel does not actually peel the skin. This type of treatment is designed to safely, effectively accelerate the natural exfoliation process in which dead skin cells are shed. The specific benefit of chemical peel treatment to the acne patient is that excess oil and dead skin cells are minimized and therefore are less likely to block pores or clog hair follicles. The result is clearer, healthier skin.

Chemical peels allow your physician-supervised aesthetician to provide truly customized care. Peels range from light to deep, and are tailored to individual need as dictated by your Board certified dermatologist. The strength of a peel is achieved by adjusting variables including the type and concentration of acid and the amount of time solution remains on the skin.

Light chemical peels are so gentle they can be performed on your lunch hour, leaving no lasting redness. Light peels may use some form of alpha hydroxyl acid, such as glycolic acid, or a beta hydroxyl acid like salicylic acid. Both AHAs and BHAs dissolve excess oil so that it cannot build up in pores, and each is effective at treating existing acne.

Deeper peels contain a stronger acid that is left on the skin for a precise amount of time. The exact solution and timing are carefully coordinated to produce the most positive effect without irritating potentially sensitive skin. Under the care of your dermatologist, a chemical peel can reveal healthier, more attractive skin that you can feel confident in.

To learn more about chemical peel treatment for acne and acne scarring, contact our office in Fremont or Milpitas.


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