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Correct your acne scars today!

Acne may lead to significant scarring. Scars can vary in size and appearance. Some scars are shallow, while ice pick scars are deep and narrow. Patients with darker skin might notice color changes around the scars, while fair-skinned patients may develop redness.
Some situations may make acne scars even worse, including picking, squeezing pimples, and sun exposure. Instead, patients should avoid manipulating their blemishes to facilitate healing and protect their skin by applying sunscreen.

However, if acne scars do occur, many patients seek assistance from a dermatologist. The team at the Center For Dermatology Cosmetic And Laser Surgery has over 50 years of experience in getting rid of acne scarring.
We are one of the few centers that specialize in these techniques. We may use a combination of techniques for the best results. Fading creams may help the redness and dark pigmentation that has been left behind by the scarring process. Depressed and ice pick scars cannot be filled with creams, and they require a more aggressive approach.

Redness can be reduced by using the VBeam or BBL lasers. Please see our laser section for more information, or go to or
Subcision is a technique used to release deeper scar tissue that pulls down on the skin’s surface, making deep scars more shallow and less obvious.

Dermal Grafting is a procedure where skin is taken from behind the ear and inserted under the scar, lifting it up and making it less obvious.
Please check out our website on dermal grafting for more details:

Once the scars are released or grafted, fractional lasers or resurfacing are used to even out the skin surface, increase collagen production, and result in the filling of acne scars. Please see visit our laser dermatology section (micro laser peel, profractional laser) or go to to learn more about laser therapies.

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