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Dermatology practice in Fremont offers advanced treatment for loss of unwanted hair

Dermatology Treatment for Hair Loss Fremont in Fremont

In the past, if you were fed up with the time, costs, annoyance, and pain of shaving, electrolysis may have been the only permanent, professional alternative. The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery offers a much more comfortable and convenient alternative with laser hair reduction.

Patients have access to a dermatology treatment for hair loss in the Fremont area that stands out favorably from other laser technologies to remove unwanted hair.

Optimal laser treatments

Like other laser technologies, ClearScan delivers heat in the form of light energy to the treatment area. The heat from the laser damages the hair follicle and, in turn, damages the ability for hair to grow. Laser treatment for hair removal is precise because the light energy targets the melanin in the follicles that gives hair its color. As melanin absorbs light energy, heat is produced and diffused.

Unlike alternatives such as electrolysis, modern lasers for hair removal such as ClearScan can treat many hairs at once. With electrolysis, one follicle must be treated at a time as the electric current that damages and destroys the hair is delivered via a needle inserted into each follicle. In addition to the time commitment required to treat even small areas such as the upper lip, electrolysis can be an uncomfortable procedure.

The ClearScan system and other lasers handpicked by Dr. Dhawan and his team allow rapid and even treatment due to the ability to scan a large treatment area. These types of features mean patients spend less time in the treatment chair and more time enjoying smooth skin! Our advanced systems also feature temperature control and built-in cooling for your comfort without sacrificing the results you desire in a hair reduction treatment.

Are laser systems right for you?

Due to the nature of hair growth, laser hair reduction is not a “one session and done” procedure. The number of treatments necessary to get the results you crave depends partly on the size of the area to be treated and the thickness of the hairs in the treatment area.

Lasers administered by medical professionals in a medical setting provide a powerful solution to reduce unwanted hair effectively and safely without the considerable time, costs, or risks associated with electrolysis or procedures administered at spas lacking sanitary safeguards and professional training to ensure the best experience from treatment.

To discover the benefits of the Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery’s approach firsthand, schedule an appointment by calling 855-717-1755 (in Fremont) or 855-717-1756 (in Milpitas).

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