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Tears or large holes from earrings may require cosmetic ear lobe surgery for patients in the Milpitas, CA area

Ear Cosmetic Surgery from dermatologist in Milpitas, CA

Patients in the Milpitas, CA area who need cosmetic ear surgery are encouraged to contact the Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery. Our doctors are here to assist patients who have experienced problems with their ears, specifically earlobe repair.

When might earlobe repair be needed?

Earlobes can be repaired after an earring has left a large hole, has a tear from the hole to the edge of the ear. These patients may be unable to wear earrings. Patients who have a recent tear may also be at a risk for infection. Working with a surgical dermatologist to address this issue is the first step to repair.

Treatment for split earlobes

The best way to address a split earlobe is to visit a dermatologist to discuss surgical treatments. Many times, the skin needs to be stitched back together and allowed to heal before further use of earrings can occur. It is important for patients to understand the entire process from start to finish, which is why a consultation appointment and initial evaluation are always encouraged. Patients can ask questions about the treatment, find out what they can expect, and discuss after-care instructions to ensure the best healing. Proper care following surgery can reduce the risk of infection and help patients enjoy a scar-free repair for a better appearance.

Ear surgery and more

Our doctors and their support team are here for new and existing patients who are interested in general, cosmetic, and laser treatments with quality dermatologists. We encourage patients who are interested in ear surgery to book an appointment at our practice. We offer two convenient locations, including our Fremont office at 855-717-1755 and our Milpitas office 855-717-1756. Both offices have friendly, experienced staff that can assist with a wide range of skin, hair, and body concerns.


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