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ProFractional Laser treatments earn rave reviews for minimizing acne scars and improving the appearance of the skin for Milpitas patients

ProFractional Laser treatments from dermatologist in Milpitas

If you suffer from acne scars or other damaged skin issues and are ready for smoother, clearer skin, ProFractional laser treatment may be the perfect solution for you. ProFractional lasers target damaged skin and trigger collagen growth to smooth out and fill in wrinkles, minimize scars and brown spots, and tighten skin. Even some of the most difficult acne scars respond well to ProFractional treatment.

How it works:

ProFractional laser treatment works by creating microscopic holes in the tissue underneath the skin. As the damaged cells are replaced with new cells during the body’s natural healing process, the result is completely rejuvenated skin. Patients who undergo ProFractional treatment notice their skin appears younger, refreshed, with a more even color, texture, and tone. The real secret behind ProFractional lasers is how deep the treatment reaches. We are able to customize the settings to get the depth necessary to deliver extraordinary results.

How it’s better than other laser treatments

Most other laser treatments work by removing the upper layer of skin. This process can be painful and requires extended recovery times. The ProFractional laser only targets the damaged tissue, which means the healthy tissue remains untouched.

Other, non-ablative lasers leave the treated tissue and debris beneath the skin. ProFractional removes the treated tissue and debris, allowing the collagen to regenerate without many side effects.

Treatment plans

ProFractional treatments usually require 1-4 sessions depending on the issue and the area being treated. Patients should expect to have a few days downtime, although most return to work within 2-3 days. After a few days the skin will be healed enough to apply sunscreen or makeup.


Some results such as skin tightening may be visible right away. Improvements in the appearance of damage such as acne scars will be gradual and continue over the course of several months.

If you are like many people in the Milpitas area that are tired of looking at acne scars left behind from the teenage years, call us today and schedule a consultation. Find out why so many patients are giving ProFractional laser treatments rave reviews.


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