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Milpitas dermatologist provides psoriasis treatment

Dr Sunil Dhawan Providing psoriasis treatment milpitas

Psoriasis is a condition that impacts over three million Americans each year. It is a chronic skin condition that can last for several years or, potentially, a lifetime. Although quite common, the condition can be perplexing and difficult to predict. Normal skin rejuvenates itself regularly with dead skin cells shedding and new skin cells replacing them. For patients with psoriasis, the cells multiply nearly ten times faster, leaving an abundance of skin cells at the same time, causing red patches of raised skin and white scales.

Psoriasis is typically located on the scalp, knees, elbows, torso, hands, and feet. The types of psoriasis include:

  • Plaque – the most common form
  • Pustular – tiny pustules accompany the red scaly skin
  • Guttate – often begins in childhood or early adulthood
  • Inverse – affecting skin folds such as the armpit, groin, or under the breast
  • Erythrodermic – a severe, potentially life-threatening condition characterized by a fiery appearance and large sections of shedding skin

Psoriasis can also affect fingernails and toenails.

Trauma and certain infections can trigger an outbreak. Another common cause is emotional stress.

At Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, Dr. Sunil Dhawan is an experienced physician with dual certifications in internal medicine and dermatology. He has fellowships with the American Academy of Dermatology and the American College of Physicians. Our practice provides a comprehensive array of medical, surgical, laser, and cosmetic dermatology.

A thorough consultation with Dr. Dhawan will determine the most appropriate, personalized treatment plan based upon the type and severity of psoriasis. Treatment may involve topical creams, oral or injectable medications, and light therapies.

Our light therapies include:

  • XTRAC/Excimer Laser – the only procedure cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of psoriasis. The laser delivers ultraviolet B light to the targeted areas without affecting surrounding skin.
  • UVA and narrowband UVB Phototherapy

With offices in Milpitas and Fremont, CA, Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery serves patients from Hayward, San Jose, Newark, San Leandro, Pleasanton, Union City, and surrounding communities. Appointments and consultations may be requested online or by calling us in Milpitas at 855-717-1756 or in Fremont at 855-717-1755


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