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How is skin cancer identified at the Dermatology Center in Milpitas and Fremont?

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There are various types of skin cancer that may develop on sun exposed areas, and some, such as melanoma, which may occur on areas as obscure as the soles of feet. Skilled dermatologists like those at the Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery are concerned with any type of skin cancer. We work with our patients to empower them in the prevention of skin cancer as well as the identification of potential abnormalities. In addition to performing thorough skin cancer screenings in our office, we educate patients on how to perform self-examinations at home.

What are we looking for?

The point of monthly self-examination is to become very familiar with marks on the body. Existing moles and tags should not change.

Findings that could suggest skin cancer include:

  • Suddenly appearing moles or growths
  • Changes to existing moles or growths, including color, shape, and size
  • A growth or mole that bleeds, itches, or hurts
  • A growth or mole contains more than one color
  • A sore does not seem to heal, or crusts over and recurs
  • Asymmetry in an existing growth or mole

If an abnormality in a growth or mole is noticed, professional evaluation should be sought right away. Ideally, advanced examination of a growth or mole will rule out skin cancer, easing stress and fears. If an abnormality is confirmed to be skin cancer, early detection is the best path towards successful treatment with an optimal cosmetic outcome.

Choosing a doctor

Not every skin cancer is an immediate threat to health. However, for the preservation of health and aesthetics, as well as peace of mind, it is beneficial to consult with a reputable dermatologist with direct experience in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. Our team has provided outstanding patient care for decades, and understands the fear that comes with the potential for skin cancer. We offer compassion as well as advanced technology and technique when addressing this concerning condition.

The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery team has a common priority: you. When you visit our dermatology practice, you can feel confident knowing that we place the utmost importance on your comfort, health, and general wellbeing.

Skin cancer is not a condition that one wants to “wait and see” what happens. Contact us in Fremont or Milpitas to schedule your skin cancer screening.

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