We take great pride in the quality of care and customer service that we provide here at the Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery. The greatest measure of our success is the satisfaction of our patients, and we are honored by the kind words of praise that we regularly receive. We would like to share some of the most recent comments we have received because no one is more qualified to tell you about our service than our existing patients. If you have already visited one of our offices, please provide your valuable feedback.


Hang P.

Today I got my second treatment for skin lazer. After the first one, my dark spots are getting lighter . I recommend you look for Jane. She is so good, so kind, so patient and graceful. I am glad I found her and from now I will book her for all my lazer services. She made me feel so comfortable, calm me down since I am a scary cat.

Joginder S.

Doctor Dhawan is very nice and having great experience in his field. He treated me and advised me so effectively I am extremely satisfied and following his instructions and very happy and thankful to Dr. Dhawan.

Sharmila S.

Hi Dr. Dhawan, I spoke with Tanya in your office today-she was SO helpful and sweet, I was so appreciative. She made my first experience with your office absolutely flawless. Tanya was able to book appointments for me and my two daughters, and she helped navigate my busy schedule. Thank You!

Alaknanda L.

Dear Dr. Dhawan, It’s the special things that people do for us that make the difference in our lives. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness! Your phone calls are morale boosters.


Dear Doctor, I was always beautiful from inside, but nobody noticed until you made me beautiful from outside. Thanks a zillion! -smile-

Sandra S.

I have been seeing Dr. Sunil Dhawan for tons of years. He is a super good doctor and the only one who I can trust. I remembered that my face was divided into 2 different horrible tones a year later after I delivered my son. Most of other doctors thought that I got a vertiligo based on my remarkable different skin tones. Only Dr. Dhawan had a different opinions than the other doctors. He had never given on me, fight for the medicine with the insurance, tried different techniques and finally brought back my original skin tones. Nowadays, I still visit Dr. Dhawan when I find out that I have my aged spot, sunspot, and spider veins.

Alexandra C.

I usually go in for the acne studies here and Dr.Dawan and his staff are amazing! A very thorough team. I’ve done a few studies with this company thus far and I’ve had the pleasure with working with Natalia, Purvi, and Maria and all 3 were very thorough, knowledgeable and kind. The phlebotomist, Maria is amazing too! Every time I’ve ever gotten my blood drawn anywhere it takes the phlebotomist 2 times or more to get me. But Maria is so gentle and gets me on the first stick. I deal with some acne so getting acne medication that works AND being compensated for it, is a win-win for me! I definitely will be continuing with future acne studies with this company.

James H.

Olivia treated my skin condition of 10+ years with great patience & care in multiple visits. Overall, all staff I have encountered have been courteous, helpful and patient. I highly recommend this Clinic.

Melissa J.

I’ve been going to Dr. Dhawan for several years now for a variety of skin related concerns. Dr. Dhawan is thoughtful in his recommendations for treatment, never rushes my appointments and is one of the most caring and friendly Dr.’s I’ve met. I always look forward to having an appointment with him! Dr. Dhawan’s team, whether by phone or in person, is always very caring and professional. Being in a line of work where I’m also responsible for customer service, I know how incredibly trying yet important those qualities are. Dr. Dhawan and his team are truly top-notch!

Cookie C.

5 stars for Wanda, the amazing and very knowledgeable and sweet esthetician. A great place for all your beauty needs in the hi-tech sense of the skincare industry.