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XTRAC for psoriasis provides relief for Fremont, CA area patients

XTRAC for psoriasis Fremont, CA dermatologist

If you suffer with psoriasis, you are well aware of the lesions and the impact they can have on your life. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that has no single known cause. What we do know about psoriasis is that it allows skin cells to grow at a rapid rate, without adequate time for the body to shed the excess cells. These excess cells gather on the skin’s surface and form a lesion that can be thick, red, scaly, and uncomfortable.

Psoriasis is not just a condition that affects the skin and the appearance; it can also profoundly affect daily life for the individual. Embarrassment from large, unsightly breakouts is very difficult for many to cope with.

Plaque psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis. It is categorized by the familiar white and red patches of scaly skin known as plaques. These areas of plaque can occur on many different areas of the body. The most common are the face, back, elbows, knees, and scalp.

Treatment for psoriasis can be tricky. Depending on skin type and the type of psoriasis, treatment will vary for each individual. Often, individuals will have to try multiple different treatments to get results.

XTRAC is a specific type of phototherapy that delivers high doses of targeted UV light to the areas affected by psoriasis, while leaving healthy skin unaffected. XTRAC targets active lesions to improve the skin condition significantly. For most patients, clearance can be achieved in anywhere from ten to twenty sessions. Each treatment lasts only a few minutes. Many patients enjoy remissions from outbreaks for several months.

If you are fed up with treatments that are providing less than stellar results, it’s time to schedule a consultation at the Center for Dermatology and find out if XTRAC is the solution for you. During your consultation, a comprehensive evaluation along with a medical and treatment history will help us determine the best course of action for your psoriasis.

It’s time to stop hiding behind long clothes, and feel confident in your own skin. If you live in Fremont, CA or the surrounding area, contact us today.


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